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Mobile Connected Point of Sale Integrated With Pickup & Delivery
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  • The Best Point of Sale

    Modern and easy to use iPad app. Orders, payments, deliveries, online orders, notifications, digital receipts, route optimization, real time reports and more

  • Competitive, simple pricing

    Sudzy POS is 90% low cost compared to other solutions. Talk to us about a custom rate and bulk hardware discounts, and learn how you can reduce your total cost of ownership.

  • EMV (Chip) Cards

    Your own processor! EMV is one of the biggest changes to happen in the payments world in a long time. Use our solution as a handy guide to integrate EMV solution to your business.

  • Online Ordering

    A full solution to optimize routes and tracks deliveries with your drivers. Integrated to Driver app included!

  • One-click invoices

    Don't waste time on calculating and producing invoices to whole sale or regular customers. Click one button to create the list and produce invoices instantly.

  • Cloud Backup

    Although your POS is always on (even when internet goes down) you are 100% safe with automatic backup to the cloud.

  • Reports

    The Sudzy Portal makes sure you see real time reports including orders, payments, timesheets, money transfers.

  • Promotions

    Send promotions and newsletter to your customers using our Marketing tools.

  • Mobile App

    A custom mobile app for your customers with Android / iOS that helps boost sales and makes it easy to communicate.

  • Employees clock-in

    Clock in and clock out for shifts and generate payroll summary for your employees.

  • Heat Seal Support

    Supporting barcode labels and garments assembly to your process. This technology makes sure you know the status of your orders' items at any point.

  • Industry-leading payments security

    All hardware and software follow PCI data security standards at no extra cost.

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The Sudzy platform for dry cleaners was everything we were looking for in one unit

— CASA Organic Drycleaners, NY
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Powerful solution to help you get more done.

Sudzy syncs an enterprise-level payments engine with a sophisticated software ecosystem to power and grow laundromats and dry cleaners of every size.

Cut down your admin time

With a powerful suite of in-house software and the ability to connect to services you’re already using, Sudzy has all the tools you need to run a complex business.

Not just reports, real-time data too

With Sudzy, you can sign in to your Dashboard on any device to manage your business and see real-time data from all your locations.

Reduce your labor

Take care of multiple locations, drivers and employees with alerts and driving route optimization tool.

Increase customer spend by 20%

Businesses that use Sudzy’s customer engagement tools see their customers coming back and spending 20% more than normal.

Industry-leading payment security

Advanced safety and authentication keep your account secure, while credit card data is encrypted for each transaction. All hardware and software follow PCI data security standards at no extra cost.

Does your current point of sale work offline?

Sudzy’s Offline Mode means your business stays up—and your money is secure—even when your signal goes down.

What features does Sudzy offer?

Enjoy the Sudzy suite including apps, dedicated online website and marketing platform tailored to your business.

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